Aching! To run or not to run?

Runners are a funny bunch, unless something is hanging off they tend to run through it.

Remember when you hated running and it was a chore and now all you want to do is run? It’s so addictive.

Let’s first address why you ache - it could be the 3 too’s, doing:

Too much
Too soon
Too fast

Especially when you follow a new plan and start to introduce tempo runs, hill reps all the things you tried to avoid.

It’s getting close to you starting your marathon training plans which usually involve 4 + runs a week maybe starting with a 60 minute run.

I know a lot of people who don’t run 4x a week or have run over an hour who are about to jump into a 4 day a week training plan doubling their distance over night!

Ding ding, here comes the 3 Too’s, hence why a recent study suggests 79% of all runners get injured before race day! 8/10 of your buddy’s on the start line were broken at some point!

So back to the aching - DOMS, also known as 'Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness' is normal. It comes after intense exercise or doing something you're not used too. DOMS comes usually 24 hours after your workout and can last 2-4 days. DOMS is caused by small tears in muscle fibres that occur after strenuous activity.

DOMS isn’t harmful though, so you can run through it in most cases. In fact, running with mild soreness can actually be a good thing. It helps to prepare you both physically and mentally for the pain you’ll no doubt experience on race day.

One thing to watch out for is that you keep your running form, as if you start to run differently it can lead to injury. A good warm up will sort you out.

When not to run!

If you have sharp pains somewhere or one thing hurts more than the other, eg both calf’s ache no problem but if one's really sore don’t run it’s a sign of impending injury! Also if you're suffering with a cold and flu like symptoms definitely don’t run, this is a sign of over training or extreme fatigue.

If this soreness persists past 7 days then get to the docs.

Back to general DOMS, if you had a speed session planned and your aching it would be a good idea to swap that for an easy run forget the time and shake the legs out.

The test...

Run 1 mile at an easy effort. If the legs loosen off and feel good keep running 😃

If they're sorer take a day off 😱

Any questions please fire away ✅

Want a question answered inbox me and I’ll answer it 👌

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