We have all heard the term anything in moderation, well the same is true about running. I love it when I see you all working so hard, 50k weeks and running everyday even hitting the hills but I’m going to explain how too much of a good thing can be detrimental to your running performance and health.

We have all heard this phrase over training I like to explain with the three too’s:

Too much

Too soon

Too fast

We love to run, we catch the bug and want to run everyday, which leads too a decrease in performance actually getting slower and an increase in illness and injury. We all know that person who said right enough enough, and started training 6 days a week at a high intensity, cutting out crap food and then they stop training because their injured this is a classic example of overtraining.

Exercises is tough and a stress on the body over time our bodies adapt and get fitter to handle this stress. But when people train too much, too soon and too fast the body doesn’t have time to adapt to make healthy adaptations. Overtraining leaves us more susceptible to Injury and the best solution a runner’s worst night mare is usually rest.

You might look at some people and think they never get injured chances are they have been running for years and have had all the injuries its possible to get and have learnt the hard way. Overtraining is completely individual and just because Doris used that programme she found on the Internet and completed London Marathon doesn’t mean it will be okay for you.

So you need to know the signs;

Decreased aerobic performance… getting slower on your runs. Early fatigue so basically bonking early into a run. Cold like symptoms Loss of interest and enthusiasm Increased muscle soreness So a few things to look out for

• When your RPE rate of perceived exertion doesn’t match your heart rate say you feel like you’re an 8/10 but your actually in zone 2.

• Your not recovering as fast as you normally do, when within a minute your normally back to a normal heart rate and now your still blowing.

• You struggle to maintain a consistent heart rate. If you feel like your overtraining you probably are and could do with a few days extra rest.

Take a look at your Strava or garmin and see how many days off you have had off in the last couple weeks or month, if you haven’t had much time off or you have been working at a high intensity you may need more rest. Some tips to avoid over training

  • 1. Don’t run the day after a hard workout or follow up with a very very easy short run.
  • 2. Follow the 90% rule, during workouts only go to 90% effort you should feel tired not dead.
  • 3. Make easy runs easy! All too often we get carried away and run too hard on easy days.
  • 4. Rest on rest days
  • 5. Cross train, cross trainer, rower, bike swim weights all good options as will use other muscles and ultimately strengthen you up to make you injury proof.
  • 6. Sleep, when you sleep your body repairs’ and recovers so get your quality sleep.
  • 7. Finally recognise the signs above.

Information reverence’s from Active.com and Myzone.com Written by James Maybourn

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