When we are following a plan the blinkers are usually on...

We ignore how we feel completely whether that’s mental and physical exhaustion or a niggle that could develop into something more sinister 😬

As a coach, I spend a lot of my time trying to hold my athletes back rather than push them forward.

Working with athletes that seek out coaching because they are driven and reaching for goals rarely need incentive or that push to get out the door.

I often find myself in a position of having to hold these athletes back.

Mostly this comes in the form of me advising an athlete to ease off the pace, whether it be in a workout or an easy paced run.

This is because I am concerned about the fatigue that can build up from going harder than planned or the fact that they may be using energy systems not designed to be used for that specific workout.

Sometimes we feel good and just go for it but this can come back to bite you in the bum during that big training block 2 weeks later or your next long run.

Going too hard on an easy run or a workout, even if it feels good at the time, can add more stress to the muscular and skeletal systems and increase the risk of injury.

As a coach, it's easy for me to say slow down because I can see the bigger picture, the long-term view.

Keep the long-term vision and plan in mind.

Enjoy your run and remember that the right effort is better than a harder effort 👊🏻

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