We’re all prepared to do the Running part but the key to a long successful running career is have all the pieces of the puzzle.

* Good warm up and cool down.
* Rest days/recovery weeks
* Good nutrition
* Cross training sessions
* Regular sports massage

The majority can only tick off the Running part 😳

Today I’m going to focus on lack of sleep. Generally we should have 7-8 hours a night.

Did you know the Kenyan athletes run twice a day and spend the rest of the time resting and sleeping.

If only we could do that aye 😂

My personal tips on how to get the best possible night sleep ✅

1. Firstly try to have a consistent sleep and wake up time on the iPhone you can set it to tell you to go to bed. Sounds silly but with most things it’s all about routine. Your body likes consistency rather than 6 that night then 8 that one.

2. No phones!!!!

This is pretty much the most important point. Most people look at their phones up to the point they going to go to sleep. Then when they wake up in the night check the time they look at their phones and on the screen you see all the notifications. Some people are terrible and will actually look at their phones.

We unnatural light from your phone switches your brain back on and sends it into overdrive.

So keep your phone out the room or at least out of reach and get yourself an alarm clock.

3. Read ditch the TV

Make sure it’s not a very good book, or heavy as it may make contact with your nose at some point. I get about 3 pages in and start falling asleep.

4. Don’t eat too late

It’s hard to sleep when you have a tummy full of food try and eat 3-4 hours before you to bed.

5. Reduce caffeine

Caffeine can affect you for up to 12 hours depending on how sensitive you are so it’s a good idea to cut it out after a certain time.

6. Don’t exercise too late

This doesn’t affect everyone however after a late night run I’m buzzing and often find myself awake till 1am. I’m better off going to sleep early and getting up ridiculously early.

Do you struggle to sleep?

Have you got any tips to get a good nights kip?

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