Most common mistake runners make is going too hard on their recovery days.... we’re all guilty of feeling good and going hard only to ruin our next hard effort then be annoyed and run tour next recovery day a bit harder and so begins a vicious cycle.

Recovery days can although don’t have to be actual days of rest or cross training. You can run but it needs to be really easy low volume and intensity.

As it takes discipline to push through a tough tempo session when you feel tired it also takes discipline to train easy when you feel great on a planned recovery day.

If you want to run on your recovery days then here are some tips to do it......

* Your recovery days shouldn’t cause any additional stress on your muscles. So to minimise the pounding on your legs you should try running on softer surfaces.

* Avoid hills not only because it’s likely to require more effort than optimal on your recovery day buts it’s the downhills that cause the muscle damage which we want to completely avoid.

* Run to heart rate is a sure fire way to make sure your not working too hard. A few ways to do this is simply to run in an easy heart rate zone usually less than 76% of Max heart rate. A simpler way to do this is to run at 2 minutes per mile slower than your 10 mile / 13.1 mile pace.

Enjoy your rest days/easy runs mentally they break up your training schedule and you look forward to and feel fresh for your harder efforts

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