The saying if it’s raining we’re still training springs to mind.

Something I say to my coaching clients is you can’t always avoid it what if it’s raining on race day? If you haven’t done any running in the rain going to have a pretty miserable experience.

And remember skin is waterproof 😂

Here are my tips to running in the rain 🌧

* Check the weather to see if there are breaks in the bad weather.
* Wear a hat keep the rain off your face.
* Get a good jacket especially with a hood.
* Don’t wear too many layers unless it’s under 5 degrees a tee shirt and your waterproof will be plenty.
* Don’t wear baggy trackies men stick to shorts or get yourself some leggings.
* Run in the woods, less wind and the trees stop most of the rain.
* Use body glide (anti chafing) you will be surprised what the damp does 😳
* Protect your phone I use a sandwich bag.
* Properly dry out your shoes stuff with paper and stick in The airing cupboard.

If it’s torrential then skip it and do some core, stretching, foam rolling or even a HIIT workout.

Do you have any tips to share??

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