Healthy Snacking :)

A lot of people we meet never snack... Well they do but its not planned and usually half a packet of biscuits throughout the day.

Firstly lets establish why snacking is a good idea?

1. It bridges the gaps between meals. Those that snack actually end up consuming less calories in a day and don’t overeat at main meal times.

2. It gives you a chance to eat more protein, healthy fats or carbs to personalise your nutrition to your goals.

3. It helps balance your blood sugars which means the chance of you craving or binging on sugar is reduced.

4. Give you energy for your runs :)

So now what are some options....

General guidelines are that your snacks are no more than 200kcals and have around 10g’s of protein in them.

* Boiled eggs x 2
* 25g’s of nuts
* Roasted chickpeas
* 1 Piece of wholemeal toast with nut butter ( before a run this one )
* nut butter on rice cakes x 2
* Greek yoghurt with some seeds
* Veg sticks with hummus
* Veg sticks with cottage cheese
* Apple slices with peanut butter
* Babybell x 2
* Tomato and feta on crispbread
* Fruit and some nuts

So when to have your snacks, Ideally all your meals should be 3 hours or so apart or so as an example;

Breakfast 7am
Snack 10am
Lunch 1pm
Snack 4pm
Dinner 7pm

Also don't forget to drink 2-3l of water a day.

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