Probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the Running world.

What your finding now your running more is your probably more hungry on a daily so your body will tell you.

It’s a good idea to replace some of that energy you can do this during or after your run.

Depending on how far or how hard you going you could always go on empty also know as fasted. Many people run first thing and may not have the time or stomach to eat then run.

For an easy workout 1 hour or less just take a drink it will allow your body to tap into your fat stores. Just make sure you properly hydrated.

You need to time it right with at least 60-90 minutes between eating and running to avoid GI stress here are some pre run snacks.

* Banana and peanut butter
* Half a bagel with nut butter
* Smoothie
* Banana on toast
* Fruit and yogurt
* Small bowl of porridge

What do you like to eat before?

Personally if less that a couple hours I go fasted I’ve built up to that and if I’m going further I’ll just take something with me 👌

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