Lots of people are setting big goals but unfortunately the stats show the majority will never achieve them 😬

1. Choose realistic goals 👌
I’m always up for setting scary goals... something that gets you out when the weathers bad or when your really want to eat that pizza and tub of Ben an Jerry’s.

If you don’t run 5k don’t book a 1/2 marathon for 8 weeks time it’s not a good idea. Same as If you’ve never ran a marathon...don’t book one for your first race... once again not ideal but can be achieved.

2. Have a plan 📖
Sounds obvious but a lot of runners just go event to event with no structure and wonder why they either get broken or completely plateau.

Make sure you have a plan for every session and stick to the basics a long run, a couple of speed sessions and a couple easy sessions.

3. Play the long game 👍🏻
You want to run a marathon but most of us want a long running career. You don’t have to do a marathon in year 1 I personally think you should wait at least a year ideally 2. Enjoy some 10ks and a 1/2 work on lots of easy running to build a good base of fitness.

4. Write specific goals ✅
Don’t keep them in your head, get them written down and share them with others for some accountability. Book the events and write your training plan.

5. Don’t overcomplicate things
When it comes to training there is a lot of commitment. With a marathon training plan you could be running up to 10 hours a week! Before you take the plunge maybe consult with your family and get them on board so that they understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Have you got that time?

6. Be accountable
As i said before, there are only a small number of people who actually do what they set out to do in January.

Want to know how to make sure you get to the start line in the best possible shape? Get a coach. It’s not expensive and what you get out of it is complete support, guidance, education, advice and accountability.

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