Most recreational runners have a cadence ( how many times your feet hit the ground per minute) of around 150-155 leading to over striding landing on the heel way out in front of your body.

Ever seen a picture of you during a race with your toes pointing up to the sky ready to crash down on your heel?

The easiest way to improve your form is to focus on cadence, 180 is considered the magic number. But can vary between individuals. 170 + is ideal.

Get your up to that sort of number and you will find yourself less injury prone and faster.

Injury prevention and why...
In 100’s of studies they have proved that even a slight increase in cadence can leads to significant reductions in loading/impact particularly in the knee’s, hips and lower back.

A quicker cadence generally leads to a runner landing closer to mid foot and under their centre of mass rather than kicking out to the front creating that breaking effect which can slow you down and lead to injury.

Now what to do...

It’s pretty simple but so simple no one does it Runners are a stubborn bunch and until their broken don’t tend to fix things or do till they are unbroken and go back to their old ways.

Count how many times your foot strikes the ground in a minute then double it to find your natural cadence.

Now get a metronome, you can get a free app on your phone is the easiest way or you can buy one for a few quid on eBay.

Take your original cadence and add 3-5 steps per minute, you want to slowly change things or wise that can lead to its own problems.

Once that feels completely normal work your way up a few BPM a week until your striking close to midfoot or under your body.

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