Generally people run their long run at a really easy pace to see them through the miles.

Anyone 🤚

There are more effective ways and certainly less boring.

If your goal is to just get round then simply getting in the miles and time on feet will do the trick 👌

However if you have a goal be that 6,5,4 or sub 3 hours then you need to get some race pace efforts in there.

Here it just a few examples of long runs you can do.....

• Negative split 1/2 at Steady pace then 2nd 1/2 at race pace.

Example session
- 1 mile Easy Run
- 5 miles at 10-20 seconds above race pace
- 2nd half at race pace.

• Race pace intervals.

Example session
- 2 mile easy Run
- 3 miles 10 seconds sub marathon pace
- 2 mile easy run
- 3 mile 10 seconds sub marathon pace
- 2 mile easy run

• Finish fast take it steady then the last few miles make it into a tempo run so tough effort the last 25%

Think of your long run as a dress rehearsal for the big day!

What are you wearing, is your hydration, nutrition and pacing on point?👌

Tag a running buddy ✅

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