How to train now for a spring marathon now 

I was meant to finish this Sunday oops.

Everyone now has their place for London, Brighton or another big spring marathon. It’s all getting excited thinking about how your going to conquer 26.2 miles, the £2,000 you need to raise or the PB you want to beat.

The good news is you have nearly 6 months! If you haven’t even bought your trainers yet you will be okay.

Although some are already getting the miles in and getting injured trust me I know their coming in the shop for advice.

Now is the time to be working on that aerobic base. The mistake people make is the 3 Too’s

• Too much 
• Too soon 
• Too fast

If your new to Running then just 2-4 runs a week slowly increasing time, distance or pace each week is a great place to start. Leading to a small amount of speed work as this will be in your plan it will be good to condition your body for it.

If your an experienced runner during the off season is a time to reflect on the past season and see what you want to work on. Strength? Rehabbing an injury? Getting out on your mountain bike?

If I told you that if you can do 5-10 miles at a reasonably comfortable pace by January you are well on track.

Here are some plans you can follow based on your ability between now and the start of your official training plan. I’m not an expert by all means and there are many different ways to write a training plan.

• Beginner plan for a near brand new runner to get you to 10km before the new year. This will slowly build the time your running up to finish with a 10km Run.

• Intermediate plan for those who are up to 6 miles already this will get you to a strong 10 miles. Including some tempo runs.

• Advanced plan for those at 6 miles plus to get you up to a fast 10 miler with some longer tempo runs.

Any questions please fire away.


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  • Great blog post.

    You’re absolutely spot on with the mistakes that people make (I’ve been guilty of these too!). The temptation to run every run at the same (race) pace means a big hole getting bigger and bigger and getting slower and slower.

    I think the biggest thing is panic about the thought of covering a distance at race pace leads even the most level headed of runners down a rabbit hole. Social media can be a distraction too – I’m a big fan of keeping my own training records which record how I felt, and what the session was like.

    I know when I first started running 8 years ago, I found it frustrating that my plan told me to run “slow and easy”… i mean… How could that make me a better and faster runner? I didn’t understand back then, but I do now….. if you run yourself into the ground by running everything hard, then you don’t have the energy to put into the legitimately hard training sessions which are the ones that raise the pace and endurance at all distances.


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