We are a running shop but we are also coaches too, We are committed to helping each person we see have a long, Injury free running career by teaching efficient, low impact running technique. 

Just like any other sport you would probably take lessons to get the most out of it. 

Whether you are just getting into running or ready for your next race, running form is key to a successful run.

So in this 4 part series we are going to cover each part of running techniques to help you become the best runner you can. 

In part 1 we are going to cover;


Proper posture

All too often I see runners bent at the hips, looking down and taking huge strides not only is it inefficient but its also really uncomfortable and I always hear about their achy lower back.

Run tall and run proud! Head up, chest up and hips forward. Running is basically controlled falling. Running like this will allow gravity to ease you into your next step. Keep the shoulders back and relaxed and never bend at the waist. Keep your eyes on the horizon and don't look down. 

Keep reminding yourself to stand tall head up, chest up, shoulders back. 

* Injury prevention tip *

Run 1/3 of your runs on uneven surfaces, like trails, grass cobbled streets this will balance your muscle structure and strengthen your stabilising muscles. 

Part 2 is all about arms!

To watch a video about this check out my channel https://youtu.be/Fpvpk6a6tQ0

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