It’s not how you land.... it’s where you land 😐


* In trainers anyway 


It’s a fact that 79% of runners get injured every year! 8/10 on the start line 😮 think about your friends at club how often are they “broken”


Over striding coupled with a dramatic heel strike results in mass impact. How I explain this to my clients is if I asked you to jump off a wall with your legs straight it would hurt right? 


When running, speed dependant of course it’s up to 4x your body weight on impact. Now you know why it hurts right? 


Most of the common injuries are down to a few things;


• Doing too much, so way more than the body can handle beyond progressive overload. 


• Doing it too soon, I believe you shouldn’t run a marathon for at least 2 years to develop a strong body and engine required to run it well. 


• Doing it too fast, more impact, more damage to tissue and ultimately injury again. Slow down! 




If I was to tell you to run round the block with no shoes on would your heel hit the ground? I doubt it right. Feel free to try it 🙂 


I teach the below, 


- Proud posture 

- Leading with the belly button 

- Relaxed arms at 90 degrees 

- Slight forward lean 

- High cadence 

- strike under the body on a bent leg 


Obviously it takes a long time but this coupled with the right training plan can see you complete marathons and beyond with a very low risk of injury.

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