A question from Jenny T.

Jenny has her first marathon in April and asked about training and what a taper is and if she should do it or train right through?

So you can taper for any event 5k, 10k anything.

Taper is basically a reduction in training be that, volume, intensity or frequency.

The taper comes after your last big milage training block and gives your body the chance to recover and adapt to all that hard work. It also gives your body the chance restore your stored glycogen (fuel).

A taper can be a week for a 5k or up to 3-4 weeks for a marathon/Ultra how I recommend to do this for a marathon is;

The first week reduce the milage of your final peak week by 25%
2nd week 50% then finally the last week about 25% with a couple of full days rest before the event. Perform 75% of your runs at an easy pace.

It obviously gives you a physical rest as well as a mental one. Expect to feel excited and anxious! Trust the taper, don’t worry you won’t get unfit!

You will get to the line fresh as a daisy and absolutely buzzing to smash it πŸƒ

Im always happy to answer any questions

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