During your race training it will ask you to do things like intervals,hill repeats, easy runs and tempo runs.

These are all designed to work the body in a different way to create a physiological change in the body IE make you fitter, stronger and a more efficient runner.

However the majority Run all their miles at the same speed generally which will get you across the line but won’t get you there fast.

The traditional method of 220- your age is like the BMI of max heart rate testing.

Although great for most it’s not for everybody as we know.

To find your true maximum heart rate your going to have to do a little workout.

* Make sure your fully rested and haven’t run hard for a couple days as you won’t be able to work hard enough to get a true reading.

To do the test, make sure your in good shape as your about to push your body to it’s limits.

The warm up 🔥

Run at a steady pace for 5-10 minutes to get the muscles warm and ready to work hard and blood pumping. It is a good idea to do some dynamic stretches to further prepare the body for this test.

The test 📈

Rather than one continuous run to exhaustion try a couple of hard three-minute bursts after a thorough warm-up.

• 3 minutes new max 95% effort
• 2 minutes steady run
• 3 minutes flat out 100% effort

Record maximum ❤️

A treadmill will give you a slightly higher reading that outside, but a treadmill will help you keep an even pace and now burn out in the first minute of your 3 minute effort.

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