It plagues us all at sometime...

Usually it comes after a big event, You have followed a plan for 16/20 weeks been out rain or shine and hopefully had a good event or Xmas has came and gone and now you just can’t be bothered.

It all seems a massive effort to run 😬

If your struggling to find your running mojo then here are our top tips to getting it back 🙌

1. Run with others
Running on your own is sometimes amazing and other times completely soul destroying especially when it’s cold, wet and windy.

Knowing you need to meet your running buddy somewhere will make you get you out the door.

It’s especially helpful when you need to hit the right splits in your speed sessions, a bit of friendly peer pressure and competition!

2. Ditch the gadgets!
For most runners we won’t run without it and it’s bonkers to even consider. But hear me out, most people run because it makes you feel good, you feel less stressed and generally a happier person... a watch has nothing to do with that.

Stop focusing on time and pace and just go run.

Top Tip

Stick your watch in your pocket if you want to track miles etc

3. Run somewhere new.
It gets boring running the same routes and we even start to dread our runs. Take a completely different route or even do your usual lap backwards.

Even better hit the trails will be the best thing you ever done.

4. Play with your paces
You need to do a 10 mile steady run which can be boring but why not mix it up.

As an example;
* 2 mile easy run
* 2 miles 20 seconds per mile faster
* 2 mile easy run
* 2 miles 15 seconds faster
* 2 miles easy home

Just changing the paces a little won’t have you running in different heart rate zones and makes it a bit of a game to get perfect splits.

5. Run point to point

Running a long out and back can be pretty miserable knowing that you have to turn back around, especially when you turn round and feel that wind you didn’t realise was helping you clock off those awesome paces... you thought you felt good didn’t you 😂

Plot the route and work out the distance and arrange someone to pick you up at the other end. You will probably run some of the best miles you ever have.

What are your tips to getting your Mojo back?

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