Just a few weeks to go 😱

For my Brighton runners, this week is their Peak week, the intensity is up and the volume is at its highest with a big focus on running form, nutrition and a dress rehearsal for the big day.

Here are some tips to make sure you reach the start line stress-free and as prepared as possible.

1. The dress rehearsal, this weekend you may be taking on 20/22 miles now is the time although I hope you have already, is to wear what your planning on wearing race day. Trainers, socks, underwear the lot. Does it chafe? Is it comfy?

2. Look down, have you already put a lot of miles on your trainers? Are they looking a bit worn? Starting to feel like they have lost their support or feeling a little hard. You still have time to get yourself some fresh trainers for race day. If you want just get exactly the same trainer 👌🏻

3. Try and add an element of race pace... this will be a good confidence boost for you. Run the 2nd half marathon pace it will be tough but imagine how you're going to feel once you start tapering!

4. Stick to your plan, don’t try and cram in missed sessions in the final weeks. After this week, wrap yourself in bubble wrap and let’s keep you fit and injury free.

5. Race day nutrition, eat and drink exactly the same as what you plan to have on the day. Now isn’t the time to start introducing different gel brands etc.

6. Set 2 goals especially if you have a time goal, if it’s super hot, windy or just not your day your back up goal could be to run the whole way? Or finish with a negative split.

7. Warm up on race day, this isn’t just for the pro’s. 15 minutes before get moving if you can jog up and down do, if not jog on the spot and perform some dynamic stretches. Keep your heart rate slightly elevated.

8. Get there early! Nothing worse than rushing on race day. You don’t need the stress I would rather be an hour early and have plenty of time to settle and get prepared.

9. Find the pacer! A pacer will stick to race pace so if your aim is to start slow and negative split then this won’t be very helpful however if your planning on just sticking to your pace then keep him/her in sight.

10. Be present! Sounds weird I know but you have trained too hard for this be there don’t just put the blinkers on and crank the music up. I never listen to music on race day. Soak up the atmosphere and be grateful your doing it.

* Bonus point.

Talk to yourself... come on we all do it 😂
What are your mantras that help you get around. Some I use are;

* Pain is temporary pride is eternal
* It’s meant to be hard
* If it was easy everyone would do it

Good luck in your final weeks and any questions fire away 🙌🏻

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