It’s here and some of us are trying to get in those key marathon prep sessions 😡

I’m tapering so I don’t care 😂

However if your going to run out there you need to be safe now isn’t the time to break your ankle or rip tendons.

1. Don’t go too fast...
Don’t assume you can run at your usual pace in the snow be grateful your still getting out there 😁

2. Get the right gear...
Wear trail shoes as road shoes will have you slipping all over the place. Invest in some merino or thick socks to keep your feet warm. A base layer will help you keep your core temp up and lads think about wearing leggings.

3. Your route
Give this some thought, try running on grass if you can as there usually isn’t ice underneath or head to your local park. It will be boring doing 10 laps but at least your familiar with the terrain and you won’t have the ups and downs of people‘s driveways.

4. Cross train 💪🏻
Ride a bike, get in the pool or use the treadmill. You won’t get unfit in a week relax!

If all else fails go sledging 😁

Have you been out running the last couple of days?

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