Here’s what you need to know as a new runner and sometimes existing runner to keep you on track.

This will be in no order at all and copy and pasted directly from our group of awesome runners all on the same journey some are brand new themselves and others sub 3 hour marathon runners.

Here we go

• Take your time, listen to your body and enjoy it.
• Start with the Couch to 5k.
• Ditch the stopwatch. Don't worry about pace, that will come with experience. Just enjoy running and EVERYBODY walks at some point.
• Keep motivated as it is easy to make excuses in the early days not to run.
• Just getting out the door is the hard bit then one foot in front of the other and you are off.
• Leave your ego at home and don't run everything as fast as you can. You'll burn out, get injured and be slower in your race.
• Accept everyone walks and runs in the beginning, I felt so conscious about not being able to run a full 5k.
• Run to enjoy!
• Try not to feel self conscious the first time you go out, everyone starts somewhere and no-one is judging you!
• Get your gait checked and invest in a decent pair of running shoes. This made a real difference to me.
• If you can not have a conversation you are going too fast!
• Go to parkrun, you don’t need to be able to run 5k non-stop.
• Join a running club, the support you get from other like minded people is great and it gives you the motivation to go running.
• Put your favourite music on and run. I try my hardest not to stop but always do, but hey it doesn’t matter. Set a goal, I ran 50km throughout January after setting myself a goal for charity. I use to try and run with people but they often let me down, or would be late, this would cause me to put it off, now I run on my own with my music and have no excuse.
• Strava app or map my run are great to measure your distance. It gives a buzz to see the workout.
• Keep a log to see how far you’ve come.
• Never give up.
• Remember the feeling you get from a good run is by far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing with were running.
• Find your closest ParkRun. Time doesn’t matter. It’s the friendships and encouragement that really help you achieve #loveparkrun
• Don't push yourself too hard when you first start, run walk is fine xx
• Don’t go off too fast at the beginning, you don’t want to waste all your energy warming your legs up.
• Set out your running gear the night before or ready for when you get back from work, school run etc, this motivates me as its there ready. Also remember to breath.
• Oh and good running shoes .
• Buy correct fitting running shoes.
• Protect the nipples on longish runs. No one wants todo a dance in pain thinking what have I done to myself.

25 awesome tips by runners for runners

Just to chuck my tips in....

1. Follow a plan 78% of runners get injured annually and it’s usually new runners so if you don’t want to be put off right away start slowly and don’t rush it.

2. Get the right trainers, just because they look nice isn’t going to stop the dreaded shin splits and other common injuries get your gait analysed and find the right ones.

3. When it comes to running like most things you get what you pay for seek advice and get what’s right where possible.

4. Book a race but not too close give yourself at least 16-20 weeks to prepare your body to do its best.

5. Don’t do a marathon till after at least 2 years of running. That’s if you A want to actually enjoy it and B not get broken.

6. Do the majority of your miles at an easy pace.

7. Get a good tracker be that a garmin, Polar or Fitbit you need to see this information in real time so you need it on your wrist.

8. Get a coach, I may be one but I seek advice of fellow experienced runners and coaches for my plans. You wouldn’t go skiing without lessons and you will inevitably get hurt! Remember that percentage above yep you probably will too.

9. X train! I can’t stress it enough the importance of doing other things that running, like HIIT or cycling or running. Adding X Training into your program will help you become a faster and stronger runner.

10. When you race let the crowd run off, you will probably catch up to most along the way whilst your sticking to your pace or heart rate plan you will cruise past the zombies at mile 20.

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