Guaranteed to smash your 5k PB 🏃‍♂️

Just running 5ks repeatedly will only get you so far as you plateau pretty quickly.

60-70% of your weekly milage should be made up of aerobic miles and certainly include a long run of around 6-10 miles.

The way to get faster is to perform VO2 max sessions ( intervals runs ) these are run at a 9/10 RPE/ 90% plus of your max Heart rate or alternatively you can use your 3/5k pace.

They are not so important for the long distance runner but for you, incorporating two VO2 max sessions into your weekly training block is key.

Considering these sessions are the hardest to recover from, make sure they are spread out over a few days.

Here are some example sessions you can get going with right away ✅

For a runner new to speed work I recommend starting with incorporating some 100m sprints into your normal runs for a couple of weeks. For instance, 3-5 100m reps twice a week.

From here you can progress to 400m reps at your mile pace so think quick 🚀 for a couple weeks.

* 4x 400 with a 400 recovery.

Finally stepping up to
* 10x 400’s (60 second recovery) 5 seconds faster than race pace.
* 6x 800’s (90 second recovery) 5 seconds above race pace
* 5x 1000’s (90 second recovery) at race pace
* 4x 1200’s (2 minute recovery) 5 seconds below
* 3x 1600 m reps ( 3 minute recovery) at race pace

Like I said, incorporate 2 sessions a week into your running schedule and you will soonsmash your PB.

Things to remember...
* Don’t do back to back hard days.
* Always warm up before you start your reps.
* Don’t forget to stretch after.

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