Running is the perfect sport to help you get your fitness levels up, reduce stress and get into shape. If you need that extra bit of support and motivation when It comes to getting into running or you simply need to be surrounded by people to help keep you on track, joining a local running club is the perfect remedy.
There is a brilliant running club located in Herne Bay that can offer the guidance and companionship that you might be looking for, to help you achieve your personal goals and running aspirations. The Saxon Shore Striders is a friendly, mixed ability, fun and unique running club which welcomes anyone. With their brilliant moto of 'Nobody's left behind' they have a fabulous re-grouping system to keep all the runners together no matter what their pace is. The faster and more experienced runners get the mileage and challenge they need out of our sessions and the slower, less experienced runners get the companionship and motivation they need. You would always have someone by your side helping you every step of the way.
The Saxon Shore Striders is a completely non profited organisation and all the sessions run are completely FREE of charge. With a hope to see as many new faces as possible within the club I decided to write this blog, not only to get the word out about us, but to motivate and inspire others to take up running. Anyone can run if they put their mind to it. We take for granted what our bodies are capable of. Challenge yourself while you have the ability to do so. Many of our members started off not even being able to run to the end of their road. With consistency to keep going and the friendship and motivation the club provided for them, they are now taking part in 5-10K running events. The feeling of achievement you get each time you run that little bit further or little bit quicker is indescribable. When you cross that finish line, it’s all worth it.
Herne Bay is full of fantastic routes, being lucky enough to live on the coast we like to make the most of the seaside and light up the promenade on these winter nights. Come down and join the fun! Get that fresh air in your lungs and seaside breeze in your hair! Make new friendships and help motivate and supports others on their running journeys. You’ll soon get that running fever. I promise you will be welcomed with a smile  no matter what your goal is we are here to help. Start you running journey now.
We run many sessions throughout the week. For more information, visit our Facebook page 'Saxon Shore Striders' or simply come for a chat at Herne Bays very own NEW Running Shop 'Bay Running Shop'.
Beth Martin

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  • Hi I am interested in coming running with you one evening to give it a try with you all ,I do a bit of running, would you please be able to give times and places you meet ,I do live in Herne Bay thanks.

    Paul Ashby

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